I got banned from Jalopnik for posting that exact same statement. Back a couple years ago when NewYork had a "earthquake" all you saw on the site was picks of a few cracked sidewalks. super lame with almost NO damage. But since gawker is in NewYork, the center of the universe. it was the only news story going. » 2/09/15 8:15pm 2/09/15 8:15pm

Had my first track day back in April. Went with a friend from the local Lotus club. I was just there to help pit and watch so I did not bring my Lotus, but my wife,s Mini Cooper. The company hosting (10/10th racing) teched the car and said they had a open spot in the novice group. » 12/27/14 12:31pm 12/27/14 12:31pm